How do you feel about solitude?

Solitude’s important for the soul and for the brain to breath, away from others’ energy and thoughts. My mind is extremely active when I’m alone and I generally spend that time conceptualizing ideas. I enjoy being in my own thoughts. 

How do you go into pain?

I’ve experienced a lot of pain in my life, loss and disappointment. I’m quite comfortable accepting pain these days and sitting in it, feeling it, using it as a source of inspiration but also knowing when to move forward and not sit there for too long. 

Can you define beauty?

Beauty takes on so many forms, in nature, in acts, in moments. On a human level, beauty to me is anyone who is authentic in nature and unafraid of showing vulnerability. People who go against the grain, dance to their own beat and think outside the box. 

What was your biggest achievement as a child?

I was a total math nerd when I was kid and was ranked in the top 1% of the Asia Pacific/Oceania region.

Random things that inspire you

1950’s design, suburbia, the desert, animal sounds you only hear in Australia, reputation in landscape/ urbanscapes, fast food restaurants, absolute devotion to a cause or goal, the human state of mind.

Random things that empower you

Love, support, self belief, people who are consistent in my life. 

Random fears you work on demonizing

It’s difficult these days with social media not to compare yourself and where you’re at. I try not to be too hard on myself when I feel like I’m at a stand still and everyone else around me is killing it. I think as creative people we all go through this at one point or another. 

How do you feel about your mother?

I think the mother-daughter relationship in general is complex; my relationship with my mother is complex. We live on opposite ends of the world and don’t speak very often but she was an important person in exposing me to other ways of thinking at an early age and that helped shape me in ways I’m forever grateful for.

When was the first time you loved yourself – consciously and non-judgementally?

A few years back I got really into energy healing techniques- visual meditation focused on expelling heavy energy, lifting my vibration & evidently connecting to my higher self. When I’m focused and consistently practicing these techniques I feel light, I lose my ego completely and feel free of self judgment. 

Is there any wisdom in trauma?

Absolutely. I believe anything that you’re exposed to, traumatic or otherwise you gain insight from and can use as a tool to grow & learn from. 

How do you overcome ego?

Try to stay mindful. Be humble.

Are you running away from or towards things?


I think anything you deeply love or want, you also inherently fear. I’m still learning to keep on going when those fears of getting too close to someone, something or an ultimate goal begin to creep in.

How do you feel about yourself in 5 years?
Ask me in 5 years

How do you feel about yourself now?
At times I’m super hard on myself and question my choices, where I’m at, but when I relax and look at how far I’ve come, as someone who immigrated with no money to NYC 6 years ago, never having been before, knowing next to no one and not having a plan, I have to give myself credit. NYC isn’t an easy place to live or succeed especially as an artist. This last year I’ve taken a lot of leaps in the direction of where I’m ultimately wanting to go, surrounded by a really supportive community and that feels good. 

If you had the power to change one thing; what would that be?

Human nature and this inherent need to consume.

And why aren't you?
I think that’s an individuals evolution to figure out on their own. The best thing you can do for yourself or anyone else is to lead by example. Try to be a good person, be conscience, make conscience decisions, educate yourself. 

Do you believe in love?